Welcome Letter from the Board President

Hello HRNS families!

On behalf of HRNS Board of Directors I would like to welcome all the families to 2016-2017 school year. My son Brendan is delighted to join Ms. Julie in the Blue door this year.  I have no doubt that your child is excited to start school as well! While the kids are all set to take their shoes off and step in the sand box, we grownups should be ready for an exciting year as well.  As a parent cooperative we will be joining our children in that sandbox (shoes recommended) and eating Pirate’s Booty sitting next to our kids.

As you already know, we have other required tasks for our families. I hope that each of us will take on these tasks with enthusiasm and glee. Everything we are required to do, whether it be committee hours or scrip, we do them to benefit our children. So let’s take on all the jobs at HRNS with a healthy dose of zeal so our kids can have a great time at school!

Rest assure though, HRNS isn’t all work and no play. We have many events planned for both families and parents this year. I would like to encourage every family to set a little time aside to come together and enjoy each other. Our kids do at school why not the rest of us?

Lastly HRNS Board of Directors is comprised of parent volunteers. Whatever concerns you have we probably have them too. So please never hesitate to reach out to any one of us for any questions or suggestions. We will all be working very hard to make HRNS a great place for our children.


Irene Chen                                                                                                                                       Brendan's mom (Blue Door)                                                                                                               HRNS Board President