In-Class Volunteer Vaccine Requirements

For parents and any other family member volunteering in the classroom this year.

A new law is requiring us to collect your immunization records for the following:

  • Pertussis (DTaP) - Due ASAP - Most birth mothers and their partners got this when your child was born. Otherwise, a DTaP booster is required once every 10 years. Find your records from your doctor. If you can't get a record of a DTaP shot, you can get a blood test to check for immunity or you can get a booster.
  • Measles (MMR) - Due ASAP - Most people got this two shot series as children. Maybe your parents scrapbooked your immunization records? Maybe your doctor is still practicing and saved your records because you were such a star patient? Otherwise, you can get a blood test to check for the immunity or you can get another shot.
  • Influenza (Flu Shot) - Due December 1st - get a flu shot or provide a written statement declining the influenza vaccination
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