Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is tuition?

A: Tuition rates vary depending on the program your child is in, and how long they stay every day. A rate table can be found on the tuition page.

Q: Does my child need to be potty trained to attend HRNS?

A: Lower school is licensed to take children who are not potty trained. In order to go to Upper School, students must be potty trained.

Q: What are my volunteer and snack obligations?

A: There are six 6-week sessions in a school year. Each session, you must meet the following requirements:

  • 5 day program - 5 parent helper days - 3 snacks

  • 3 day program - 3 parent helper days - 2 snacks

  • 2 day program - 2 parent helper days - 1 snack

  • Stepping Stones Pre-K program - 1 day - varies; follow schedule above

Q. I am a full time parent, what if I am unable to fulfill the hours required for participation?

A. We understand there are different circumstances for every family. This is why we also offer ‘buyout’ option for participation requirements.  Some of the buyout options are:

  • Classroom participation buyout- $50/ day

  • Maintenance day buyout- $200

  • Script buyout- $200 by Oct. 1st, $300 thereafter

Q. Do you provide snacks? Or Lunch?

A. Snacks are provided by a different ‘Snack Friend’ each day. Parents will select day(s) to bring snacks for the class when they sign up for the classroom participation.  

We do not provide lunch. Children who are signed up for lunch bunch or stay and play bring their own lunch. Teachers will sit with the children during lunch to encourage eating. 

Q. My child has nut allergies. How does HRNS attend to such needs?

A.  We are a nut free campus for snack and instructional time. We also ask that parents not pack peanut products for snacks/ lunches.  The staff is aware of any food allergies that are reported to the school.  We read the ingredient list of all snacks served at school. This is why we require snacks served at school be store- bought and unopened.  

Q. What about diet restrictions? How do I know what snacks my child eats at school?

A. Snack information is posted weekly in the classrooms. If a child has any dietary restrictions we advise parents to pack separate snacks so that they can have the appropriate food to eat during snack time. 

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