Letter from the Board President

Welcome HRNS families!

I am Irene Chen and I will be serving as the President of our Board of Directors this school year. My son, Brendan is delighted to join Ms. Penny in the upper yard with many of his Purple Door friends. I have no doubt that your child is excited to start school too! While the kids are all set to take their shoes off and step in the sand box, us grownups should be ready for an exciting year as well.  As a parent cooperative we will be joining our children in that sandbox (shoes recommended), kneading that play dough and eating snacks sitting on kiddie chairs. We will also be involved in planning and coordinating many events with our committees. Hastings Ranch Nursery School is successful because of our participation and commitments.

We have many events and activities planned for this year. Many activities are for families to enjoy together and a few of them are reserved for grownups only. We would like to encourage you to join and participate in these activities throughout the year. HRNS is a school of families, so by engaging in our school activities we are strengthening the bond between our children and families.

Remember, the Board of Directors are made up of parents of HRNS. Whatever concerns you might have we probably have them too. So please never hesitate to reach out to any one of us for any questions or suggestions. We will all be working hard to make HRNS a great place for our children.


Irene Chen

Brendan's mom (Red Door)

HRNS Board President