Emergency Preparedness Packs are Due September 28th

Dear Parents:

The Parent Handbook details the HRNS emergency preparedness plan. The school keeps emergency supplies on hand and has a comprehensive safety plan in the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake.

Parents further participate in these preparations by providing an “Emergency Pack” and a “Comfort Pack” for their child. The purpose of the Emergency Pack is to provide food that your child will eat in case of an emergency or disaster situation, as well as other items. The purpose of a Comfort Pack is to provide personal comfort and assurance for your child in what might be a longer than usual period of separation. 

Please use the gallon size Ziploc bag provided by the school at orientation for your child’s emergency supply. Write his or her name, session, and teacher on the bag with permanent marker. Some suggestions for food items to include in the Emergency Pack are fruit cups, granola/breakfast bars, tuna meal pack, small cereal boxes, dried fruit, or any non-perishable items that your child is likely to eat. Please make sure that all cans are easy open pop-top variety and that plastic utensils are included. A compact solar blanket, a small 8oz bottle of water (the school will provide more drinking water if needed), and a travel pack of Kleenex tissues are also recommended for inclusion in the Emergency Pack.

Please use the quart size Ziploc bag provided by the school to create a Comfort Pack for your child. The Comfort Pack contains personal items that will be given to your child in the event he or she has to remain at HRNS longer than usual because of a disaster. The Comfort Pack should contain things that will entertain the child as well as help the child maintain a link with family. Comfort Pack suggestions include small puzzles, games, toys, books, stickers, reassurance items, a personalized note, poems, and pictures of the family and pets.

Please place the Comfort Pack inside the Emergency pack. The gallon Emergency Pack that will contain the Comfort Pack is stored in the bike shed. The space is limited. Please make sure that everything fits in the bags provided by the school.

Please return the Emergency Pack and Comfort Pack to your child’s classroom by Monday, September 28th, 2015. If your child does not have one in by September 28th, the school will create one for them at a cost of $25.00. The packs will be returned to you at the end of the school year. Please contact the school office if you have any questions.


Health and Safety Director