Campus Update - June 13, 2019

HRNS friends and family,

We are happy to announce that the first phase of the Procedure 5 Asbestos cleanup is now complete. This has been a long process which included inventory of every single item in Room 1, Blue Door, Red Door, Yellow Door and Room 6. Once the rooms were inventoried, all contents were removed and disposed of according to state requirements. The abatement process began this week and entails the scraping and removal of the ceilings. Abatement and final air quality testing is scheduled to last through the end of June and reconstruction can begin after the holiday. While we don’t have a time estimate on construction yet, we are hopeful that it will run smoothly and get us back to our second home for the fall. We are currently working with the church to secure contractors and retain bids for the work that will need to be completed.

Thank you all for your patience as we navigate this process. We hope our next update will be more robust and include dates. Have a wonderful June!

Documentation and reports regarding this process are available here: