Purple, Red, Yellow Door - Snack Changes

Dear Red, Yellow & Purple Door 3- and 5-Day Families:

Session 2 parent participation signups begin this Sunday, September 20th. In an effort to reduce the number of co-snacks, we are reducing the snack obligation for our 3- and 5-day students by 1 snack. Your new parent participation obligations per session are as follows:


2-Day Program

3-Day Program

5-Day Program

In-Classroom Parent Volunteer

2 Days

3 Days

5 Days


1 Snack

1 Snack

2 Snacks

The volunteer and snack obligations are independent of one another but may be fulfilled concurrently. Parents who want to fulfill their snack obligation(s) on their volunteer day(s), please select the slot labeled “Snack & Volunteer” on SignUpGenius. If not, please contact us and we will manually sign you up for “Snack Only”.

If there are no “Snack & Volunteer” slots available, we ask that you sign up for an additional snack day the following session. Over the course of the year, your snack obligation will balance out. Please note that if enrollment changes, HRNS reserves the right to adjust the snack obligation back up to, but not more than, what it was originally.

Signups will close on Sunday, September 27th. If you have not received an invitation to your class’s SignUpGenius page by Monday, September 21st, please email us at ParticipationAtHRNS@gmail.com.

Best Regards,
Jeff & Jen Hsu (Avery, Blue Door M-F)
Parent Participation Directors