An acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics, STEAM is an extension of the United States National Science Foundation (NSF) and Department of Education's STEM initiative by adding the creative "juice" of Art to the mix.


The goal of the "S" in STEAM is to promote the thought process of the scientific method. We promote experimentation and always tie it back to the original question and predicted outcome. HRNS provides resources for doing experiments and instructions so parents can take them home and use them directly or as inspiration for further experiments.


We strive to expose kids to technology in all forms exposing students to simple machines all the way through computers. We utilize software like GCompris on the Raspberry Pi computers to expose children to everything from basic mouse and keyboard skills to graphical programming in the Scratch language. Students are prepared to use technology and let it take them (and you!) as far as they choose to go as they learn.


We expose kids to engineering by letting them solve problems and create with Legos, feltronics, and other engineering tools geared for children. Construction toys lend themselves to developing this thought process directly and encouraging kids to take things apart and use them in new ways is a great way to get the engineering juices flowing.


Art is not very different from Engineering. It is a creative process but it is fueled by expression of emotion via an infinite spectrum of mediums. Art in pre-school is nothing new. However, appreciation for the works of fine ARTists, is. Exposure to the masters at all ages begins a life-long appreciation. In an ideal world, art should not be perceived as inaccessible or foreign to anyone, children are no exception.


Mathematical literacy lowers barriers to the rest of STEAM. We expose our children to everything from counting and simple math and estimation to noticing patterns and relationships of physical things while playing with them.

A good well-rounded education to produce creative individuals needs STEAM. HRNS strives to include STEAM in the lives of our children by exposing them to all the aforementioned components in an age-appropriate way while encouraging families to join in the intellectual fun that is a STEAM-based education.

May STEAM Calendar

May STEAM Calendar