Hastings Ranch Nursery School

What are my volunteer and snack obligations?

There are six 6-week sessions in a school year. Each session, you must meet the following requirements:

  • 5 day program - 5 parent helper days - 3 snacks

  • 3 day program - 3 parent helper days - 2 snacks

  • 2 day program - 2 parent helper days - 1 snack

  • Stepping Stones Pre-K program - 1 day - varies; 3 snacks for morning and 2 snacks for afternoon.

*Please note that the above requirements are dependent on the School’s enrollment. Your actual participation maybe less but never more than what is listed above.

How will I know when to sign up?

  • 3 Weeks Prior to Session Start - SignUpGenius invites are emailed to families by the Parent Participation Director. A blurb in the School’s Sunday eBlast will be posted that signups have begun.

  • 2 Weeks Prior to Session Start - SignUpGenius will be locked and parents will not be able to sign up or make additional changes. If a family fails to sign up within this period, they will be assigned to work and snack day(s).

If you are not receiving any of the notifications above, please confirm and verify your email address with the Office to make sure we have a working email address.

What if my child or I am sick and are unable to make my assigned work or snack day?

You are ultimately responsible for ensuring your participation obligations are met. If you are unable to participate for any reason, please make every attempt to find a substitute for your shift:

  1. Contact other families in your child’s class to see if they are able to swap shifts with you. Class contact lists will be handed out by the first week of school.

  2. Contact a designated parent or teacher substitute, included on your class contact list, to see if they are able to cover your shift. Substitute pay is $35/day, payable directly to the substitute.

  3. For swaps made in advance, please contact the Parent Participation Director so that SignUpGenius may be updated.

  4. For last minute absences, please contact both your child’s TEACHER and the OFFICE. The fines for not fulfilling your obligations are $50 for not volunteering and $25 for not providing a snack.

When does my shift start and end?

  • Lower School AM – Please arrive by 8:15 am and plan on staying until 11:45 am.

  • Lower School PM – Please arrive by 12:15 pm and plan on staying until 3:45 pm.

  • Upper School AM – Please arrive by 8:30 am and plan on staying until 11:45 am

  • Upper School PM – Please arrive by 12:15 pm and plan on staying until 3:45 pm.

Parents who are late for their shifts, without first having discussed an alternate arrangement with their teacher, are subject to a $25 fine.

What do I bring for snack?

Licensing requires one item from the following food groups be provided with each snack: 

  • Protein

  • Carbohydrate

  • Vegetable and/or fruit

Please also remember that snack must come unprepared and in sealed bags.

Please provide your own paper products to serve your snack, including: 

  • 5 oz paper cups

  • Paper plates

  • Paper napkins

  • Utensils, if necessary

Do I need to notify anyone about what I am bringing for snack?

As per Licensing Title 22, we must have snacks posted week ahead of time. Please email your teacher by Sunday evening to let them know what you are planning to bring on your snack day.