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Parent Ed: Kids Protection Planning

If the unthinkable should occur, what would happen to your kids?  Even if you have a Will in place, Your kids could be placed at the mercy of the court...learn how you can be prepared.

Join Personal Family Lawyer Vanessa Terzian for a Kids Protection Planning presentation where you’ll learn the easy steps you need to take to ensure your children would always be taken care of in the way you want, by the people you want, if anything happens to you.

During this informative, no strings attached workshop, you'll learn 

  • The 9 simple steps you can take immediately to ensure your children are cared for by the people you want, in a way you want, should something happen to you or your spouse.
  • Common mistakes parents make that allow the authorities to take their minor children out of the house and into the hands of foster care …even with family members ready and willing to help….if you were temporarily or permanently injured in an accident.
  • How to keep your children from the expenses and delays of the court system….and out of the hands of a judge assigned to make painful custody or financial decisions on your family’s behalf.
  • The six common mistakes parents make when naming guardians for their minor children…..and how to ‘undo’ those mistakes if you’ve made one.
  • How to ensure your money is immediately available to your chosen guardians so your children won’t need hand-outs or state-aid should something happen to you…and why this must be PRIVATE to keep every con-artist in town away from your family’s inheritance.
  • How to ensure your current will, trust or other estate planning documents won’t FAIL (which happens way too often, even when drafted by lawyers) when your family needs them the most.

Compliments of:   The Law Offices of Vanessa M. Terzian

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