Campus Update - July 12, 2019

HRNS Families,

We hope you are enjoying your summer break! While you’ve been making memories with your children, we’ve been working to get HRNS reopened for the fall.

The abatement process is now complete and the containment barriers were taken down on July 10, 2019. You can view the final report from Trinity Presbyterian’s (our landlord) contractor on our website. It has been our intent over the last several months for HRNS to conduct its own testing to verify the church’s results and ensure a safe environment for our community to return to. Unfortunately, we have twice been denied access by Trinity to perform that testing. We requested access when Trinity was performing testing and were told that only their approved contractors were allowed inside under the Procedure 5 plan. We again asked this week when we were told that the barriers were coming down and permits were being pulled to begin construction next week only to be turned down again. Instead, both times, we were advised to wait until after the reconstruction process is complete. However, per an email we received from the church on July 10th at 4:06 pm, testing after the reconstruction could result in false positives. We have been working with our attorneys and environmental experts every step of the way and immediately reached out to them with these new claims to evaluate their validity and determine HRNS’ next steps.

While we were hoping to use this update to announce a tentative start date for our 2019-2020 school year, we are unfortunately unable to do so until we get some answers regarding testing results. Please trust that these measures and precautions are being taken so that we can be confident that we are returning to a safe environment. Reconstruction of the rooms has somewhat begun but is scheduled to build full steam in the next week.

Over the next few weeks, we are hoping to sort out the testing and give everyone a date for our reopening. Trinity has given their word that the goal is to return the property to us by August 26th. After that point, staff, board and volunteers will be working together to get our classrooms, office and teachers’ lounge assembled and organized.

Lastly, for those families that have been a part of our community for years, you’ve likely heard rumblings about the property and our status as leasees more than a few times. It is only within the last ten years that we’ve been able to secure a long-term lease with Trinity Presbyterian. Unfortunately, the abatement process has delayed the ability to negotiate with the church to extend our lease. Come September 1, 2019, we will be month-to-month renters. While less than ideal, we are committed to working tirelessly to get a long-term lease negotiated and locked in place as soon as we possibly can. Lease issues have been something HRNS has overcome in the past and we will overcome them again.

Thank you to all for your patience, support and understanding during this time. Know that myself as well as our board of directors are committed to reopeningHRNS, continuing our tradition of learning, community and family for another 65 years.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Documentation and reports regarding this process are available here: