Fall Festival Sponsorship Opportunities

Dear HRNS Parents, Families, and Friends,

We would like to offer you the opportunity to support our non-profit and reach the Pasadena/ Hastings Ranch Community through our Fall Dr. Seuss Festival on September 19, 2015 at Hastings Ranch Nursery School. This event is designed for both community awareness and outreach to expand the HRNS family network.

Our Fall Festival is currently a self-sponsored and provides families a fun introduction to our community-based cooperative preschool and its fundraising activities. With donations from sponsors like yourself, we are able to successfully kickoff our fundraising that helps sustain our school throughout the year. We at HRNS would be profoundly appreciative of your gracious donation.

You are learning to love HRNS or have done so for awhile now. For those of you who may want to understand our more about HRNS, the following is a little background on our school:

Our mission has always been to foster intimate involvement of parents with their child's first school experience. Since 1953, we have been committed to exploring and nurturing teachable opportunities through a play-based curriculum that can help shape and expand our children's intellectual, creative and social aspirations such that they become life-long learners. We believe our school to be exemplary because of our healthy balance between academia and play.

Please consider helping us through one or more of the following (All donations are tax deductible):

  1. Thing 1 Sponsor - Donating gift certificates or $50. Get a wristband and an announcement at our event.
  2. Thing 2 Sponsor - Donate $150 Have your business announced at our event and printed in the marketing material
  3. Cat in The Hat Sponsor - Donate $300 Be announced at the event, Have your name in printed material and set up a table to promote yourself at the event.

If you want to be included in the marketing material, the deadline for donating to the event is Sept 11, 2015.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration to help make our Fall Festival at HRNS a tremendous success. Your patronage of our event is an investment in fellowship as you are participating in HRNS' mission to build the next generation founded on community.

Our Sincerest Thanks,
Shelby Knight
HRNS Fall Festival Chair
Cell: 618-267-1588
Email: hrnsfamilyfestival@gmail.com

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